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用 mAkE thE DinnEr 造句 带中文 谢谢

make a face 做鬼脸、扮苦相 -> The boy made the baby laugh by making a face at him. 那男孩扮鬼脸逗那个婴儿笑。 make friends 交朋友、成为朋友 -> Can we make friends? 我们能成为朋友吗? make money 赚钱 -> I will make money when I ...

Mary often eats her dinner at six in the evening. Mary is eating her dinner now .

I have dinner at seven o'clock

I always cook dinner for my parents on sundays.每逢周日我都会下厨为爸妈做饭吃 I like cooking dinner for whoever i love.我喜欢给我喜欢的人做饭吃

dinner: Do you want to go get some dinner? 翻译:你想去买些东西当晚餐吃吗? beef: He loves beef . 翻译:他爱吃牛肉。 noodles:Does she like eat noodles for lunch? 翻译:她喜欢午饭吃面条吗? rice: We need bread and rice. 翻译...

Nina and Mary were in the kitchen, cleaning up after dinner. 吃过晚饭,尼娜和玛丽在厨房里收拾。

Women like shopping and having dinner or drink some tea after that.

After dinner he walks slowly to the park.

I have a new pen. 我有了一支新的钢笔。 Thet have a lot of money. 他们有很多钱。 Have some apples. 来点苹果吧。 Do you have this book? 你有这本书吗? Does she have the computer? 她有电脑吗? Have you got some small change? 你有...


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