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用 mAkE thE DinnEr 造句 带中文 谢谢

lunch,breakfast,dinner,supper,都不加THE,因为是固定用法搭配。只有在说MEAL的时候才加冠词A或THE。 You have to help me make dinner.你得帮助我做晚餐。 After the show the showman began to make dinner.节目表演完后,团主开始做晚餐。

make a face 做鬼脸、扮苦相 -> The boy made the baby laugh by making a face at him. 那男孩扮鬼脸逗那个婴儿笑。 make friends 交朋友、成为朋友 -> Can we make friends? 我们能成为朋友吗? make money 赚钱 -> I will make money when I ...

Mary often eats her dinner at six in the evening. Mary is eating her dinner now .

I always cook dinner for my parents on sundays.每逢周日我都会下厨为爸妈做饭吃 I like cooking dinner for whoever i love.我喜欢给我喜欢的人做饭吃

I have dinner at seven o'clock

Nina and Mary were in the kitchen, cleaning up after dinner. 吃过晚饭,尼娜和玛丽在厨房里收拾。

dinner: Do you want to go get some dinner? 翻译:你想去买些东西当晚餐吃吗? beef: He loves beef . 翻译:他爱吃牛肉。 noodles:Does she like eat noodles for lunch? 翻译:她喜欢午饭吃面条吗? rice: We need bread and rice. 翻译...

Well, do you want to go get some dinner? 那么。你想去买些东西当晚餐吃吗?。 Have you read the story The Dinner Party? 你读过《恐怖的晚餐会》这个故事吗? I like peas more than cabbage. 比起卷心菜我更喜欢豌豆。 Dad gives us duck f...

Linda wants to join I for dinner.



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